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creativetaxdiscs.co.uk (phone or text) billb.creative@gmail.com Step-by-step process of how to cut out, fill  in and seal your customised Tax Disc

   When mounting a disc into any one of the variety of holders available for external use (e.g. on motorbikes or older classic cars), it is important that the disc be sealed into the holder as securely as possible. This is to reduce the possibility of water getting in, which will affect its appearance as it did with the original discs. Moisture causes the ink to bleed and the paper to wrinkle.

   Manufacturers of these holders do not necessarily guarantee them to be totally watertight, however, if you follow the steps shown here your disc will be protected from the elements as practically as possible, and help it keep its appearance for as long as possible.

1. Disc arrives in plastic  wallet 2. Cut out the disc while still in wallet 3. Disc to be sealed in  the holder between the plastic discs 4. Ready to mount the disc and assemble the holder 5. Apply sliver of silicone round the inner rim of holder. Not too much! 1. Disc arrives in plastic  wallet 6. Fill in all the details  you want on the disc 7. Align disc with where  top of holder will be  when in position 8. Press sandwiched  disc into silicone &  leave to set 9. Place glass & holder rim  in position & clip together 10. Fix assembled holder  to bike - stand back  & admire! M O U N T I N G     T H E   D I S C