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Will the discs fade over time?

Yes. This is inevitable. The original tax discs were in vehicles for only 12 months at most and even these were subject to fading.

Can I have a quarterly disc?

No, afraid not! These were not very attractive and there is virtually no demand for them. Also, there are simply too many variants to make it a practical and commercially viable exercise for us.

Do you offer your services anywhere else?  

No. They are exclusive to our website, although we do have stands at some selected motor shows at various places around the country.

What about replacements?

Your details are kept on file along with high resolution images of your disc. Because of this replacements can be produced quickly should they be needed.  

Will a copy disc help authenticate an original registration date and help in reclaiming a lost registration?

No. The licensing authority does not accept reproductions as a valid way of proving the genuineness of a vehicles registration.

What is the lead time from ordering?

Orders are usually sent out within three working days at the most. If there has to be a delay, for some reason, we will let you know via email.

Is it possible to have different details on each of the discs for the same cost?

Unfortunately not. Our production process is unique to each design. This is why we supply two identical, completed discs. However, our low prices make discs for each vehicle eminently affordable. We don’t blame you for asking though!

Can you change the stamp?

Yes. We expect the details on the issuing stamp to be designated by you.

Dave asks:

“But what about the perforations?”

Which disc style is right for my vehicle?  

Any disc that was valid after your vehicle was first registered is appropriate to display. After all, it’s had each one of them on it at some time since then, hasn’t it?


Even though we use high quality paper and inks the speed and degree of fading depends on a number of things. Exposure to ozone, UV light and gasses discharged by air conditioning systems are all factors.

However, we supply a spare “master” disc that you can use to make additional copies. This should keep its colour for years if kept dark and dry. Additionally, we keep your disc files archived. This means we can produce further discs for you if need be. For the technically minded here is a link to a research paper that deals with the fading of inkjet prints:


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