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   It wasn’t just the eagle eyed traffic wardens and the PC Plods’ who found the tax disc useful. We motorists had a visible reminder every time we got into our cars of when we would next have to cough up another hefty chunk of our hard earned for what seemed to many to be meagre returns.  

   Why the change though? Well, the more cynical among us may reason that the Government were hoping that many of us would forget to pay our dues and then as we drove through one of the fast proliferating myriad of cameras now attached to posts and bridges throughout these fair isles, we could be walloped with yet another automatic, punitive fine.

   Only time will tell if the changes will provide the establishment with yet another cash-cow the same as many other roadside capture cameras have become. Noting the undignified haste there has been to stick cameras on what sometimes feels like every mile of roadway it really makes one wonder?

   Anyway, with this in mind we urge you to consider putting a Reminder Disc on your screen. This shows not only when your tax is due, but when your MOT and Insurance is due. It also includes your breakdown number. Having one of these could help you avoid a huge fine.

   You could make one for yourself, of course, or for very little outlay you might consider using one of ours.   

   IMPORTANT: Bring yourself up to date with the new rules relating to tax when buying and selling your vehicle. These links relate to how these sneaky, under-the-radar fines could catch you out:



   There was a time when the information on this page was quite extensive. However, the legislation radically changed in November 2014.

   This meant that there is no longer any legal requirement at all to display a tax disc on your vehicle. Because of this there is much less to be said.

   However, although it’s no longer required there is nothing to stop you putting one on if you want. If you think your vehicle looks naked without one of those beautiful, little, coloured gems showing in the corner of its windscreen the good news is that you can…and you can put virtually anything you want on it!


BUT - Don’t Get Caught Out…

 BBC Radio 4 “You & Yours”

Audio clip from 19th Nov 2015

Deals with the new legislation, tax reminders and the clamping of untaxed vehicles

Click here

(6 minutes)

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