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creativetaxdiscs.co.uk P H O T O  R E S T O R A T I O N Photo Restoration

   We all have a box somewhere stuffed full of old photo’s, don’t we? Some of the old black and white pictures are not only dog-eared, they’re torn, scratched, water-damaged…in fact they’re afflicted by all sorts of defects.

  Colour pictures are also a problem. Some are faded and on some the colours have turned weird.

   Good news! We can rectify just about any problem. We can even add colour to monochrome images and breath new life into them.

   Send us your picture(s) by email, text, or by post, and tell us what you are wanting to achieve. We will calculate how long the restoration is likely to take and give you a firm quote.

   Once completed, the images will be burnt to CD as well as being printed out to the sizea you want.

   “Treasured images can now be given a new lease of life!”