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   When centralisation came in and discs were issued directly from what became the DVLA the registration details would normally be printed rather than handwritten. When printed discs are requested we use a variety of emulated typewriter fonts that helps keep that authentic look.

   However, if you want your disc to look even better  we would recommend that you have them hand written - just like the ones you got from the Post Office back in the day. Using indelible ink we will write in by hand all the vehicle’s registration details.

   It’s a nice final touch and we are happy to do this for you absolutely free.

  We actually supply you with two identical discs. That way you have a master disc in reserve that can be kept safe in case of water damage, or when the first disc eventually fades. You can make additional copies from this spare as well, of course.

           Remember - there is no charge for this extra disc!

   Until the early 1960's tax discs were filled in by hand at the issuing office. Printed discs came in with the DVLA’s centralisation, but hand filling was still the norm in

Post Offices right up to October 2014 when the

requirement for displaying tax discs ceased.   

   Fountain pens and good old fashioned dip pen and

ink were the norm until the introduction of the biro.

This  is why there is an incredibly wide variety of

writing styles on historic discs. The script was often

quite stylised in keeping with the high standard of                     handwriting common to the era,

      however extreme flourishes

did sometimes make the

  writing difficult to read.



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