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Perforations are a problem!

   In an ideal world we would perforate the paper around the discs just like the originals. Then, when you tore them out, they’d have that ragged edge appearance that was so distinctive of UK discs.

   We are unable to do this, though, so we’ve done the next best thing. We print the perforation holes around the disc and this serves as a guide when you cut it out of its backing paper.

   There are many types of disc holder and many of these only allow the printed area to show. If that’s the case with yours…no problem. However, some holders allow more of the disc to be displayed and the perforations would have been visible to some degree.

   Anyway. if this is the case with your holder there are a couple of suggestions we can make that might help you to recreate that extra element of authenticity.


Use a Hole Punch

   If you have a leather punch you should find that the smallest hole setting is not too different from the disc perforation holes.

   It only takes a couple of minutes to go round the disc punching out the emulated holes. The paper pops out easily enough.

   The final tearing out of the disc is very gratifying and if you’re careful, and don’t rush it, the finished result can look really authentic.

   As with the original discs, though, take great care when it comes to actually tearing the disc out. It’s dead easy to rip into the disc by mistake.

   (Come on…own up to it! You made that mistake with the real discs back in the day, didn’t you?)

Stick it to an old disc

   Here follows an enterprising suggestion from one of our clients who had a brilliant idea of how to create another level of authenticity. These are his comments just as we got them…see what you think…!!!


   Hi Bill,

    Thanks for the tax disc it really looks good.

    I had an idea of how to make it a bit stronger, so I cut the new disc below the perforations and glued it to an old, original disc so the genuine perforations show around the outside.

    This also gives you the back details of the original disc.

    Another unexpected bonus was the glue I used slightly discoloured the disc so it looks like it has sunlight/damp car staining. The only problem I had was getting the old plastic holder off the windscreen without breaking it. I had forgotten what a *#’@* these are to get off after years of sunlight!

    The only thing I would say is, be careful what glue you use and don’t use a lot. I used wallpaper overlap paste very sparingly.

    Please use the photos. I will send you one of the front of the car later as it is in hibernation at the moment.


    Mark Vogel

Try a bradawl or nail

   Simply going round the perforations  with a bradawl, a small nail or panel pin, or maybe even a thick darning needle, or something like that can be surprisingly effective.

Before you try it though, first of all put the disc on a folded tea towel, or some other soft material, something that’s just thick enough to allow the implement to penetrate. Follow the perforation marks as a guide and Bob’s your uncle…!!!   

   When this arduous task is complete we highly recommend a soothing medium tumbler of single malt whisky to steady the nerves.

You may find a second even more effective.


   Do not attempt under any circumstances whatsoever to use a hammer drill for this task.

The noise is likely to wake up either the cat, or the wife, or both…!!!